A clown can effected you for the rest of your life! 

How I became a clown

Growing up I never wanting or even thought of being a clown.

In 1979 my mother bought me a unicycle for my 12th birthday. It took me a few years, but I leaned how to ride it and
I took it every were I went.
Then in 1984 I was asked to ride my unicycle in the Stillwater Lumber Jack Parade to promote my mother's flower shop.

A friend of mine was a Shriner and talked me and my cousin into dressing up like clowns for the parade. By the end of the parade I had fallen in love with clowning and I have been clowning ever since! For the first six years I was a white face clown
with a green wig.
I loved being a white face clown and my green wig and didn'i know why. Then, one day I was looking at my mother's photo albums and found some pictures that shocked me. Until I saw them, I had totally forgotten that my mother had hired a clown for my 7th birthday. Seeing these pictures mad me realize that this clown was the reason I love to clown. You be the judge. Back then I looked just like him.
Clown picture - 1974 Clown picture - 1974 Clown picture - Flip Flop the clown - 1987

MN clown Goofie with high wheel bike at White Bear Ave

Minnesota clown Goofie at White Bear Ave parade MN

Goofie at Osman Shrine Circus in Minnesota

Goofie Minnesota clowns 1987 parade

1991 Goofie Minnesota clown in Little Canada parade.